Sword 2 Video Contest Entries

G2g catch a plane!

Quick update! I'll fix later:

Alright guys! I was really distraught when I thought I could not compete in the contest because 1) the prizes are awesome 2) I really want to help make sword 2 awesome so my WOW friends will stop giving me crap. What a challenge the G1 team made with the different resolution T_T I cried when I saw all the footage I would not be able to use.The Video was originally taken in 1440 x 900.Also its really unlike all my other videos because there is no music and no transitions... I am leaving May 29th in the Morning and I work during the day so I only had two nights to record and edit all of this...That was one hell of an experience. Its not as good as I know it could be, and I am not super happy with it, but I think it captures enough of what makes sword awesome to me! Best of Luck G1 at the expo and good luck chipping / leveling fellow Sword 2 players, hope you enjoy the vids!

I have divided my entries into the following:

Explore - Locations
Explore - characters
Unite - Circus
Unite - Ta
Conquer - PY

About Exploration Locations...Remember no Music or Transitions was allowed in the entry...

Okay so its really hard to find things you have not seen in my other vids -_- I have done my best to show new stuff. I wish G1 could redo some of the leveling process because there are sooooo many fantastic places that you may never see because you skipped them!

About Exploration Characters... Remember no Music or Transitions was allowed in the entry...

I recorded some of Sword 2's characters doing multiple skills...There are a TON of awesome skills and abilities open to a wide variety of characters. Here are a few samples...

Special Thanks to:
Gastaigne (NoblesseOblige) - Claires, Cally
Harrowden (ShaketheHeavens) - Nar
Daystars (ShaketheHeavens) - Ania, Selva

About Unite TA... Remember no Music or Transitions was allowed in the entry...

This is a quick sample of the Team Areana Event. This Video shows the arena and some of the different enemies and mosters present within

Special Thanks to:
Neue (ShaketheHeavens) - Fighter (f), Brunie, Musketeer (f)

About Unite Circus... Remeber no Music or Transitions was allowed in the entry...

This is a quick sample of the daily Circus Raid. As I said I was short on time to record all of this... By the time I got around to circus footage all my clannies had gone already. Here I take around with the always delightful clan NoblesseOblige. Please don't ask me about the noise Arsene makes when he dies...I have no idea what the hell that was suppose to be!

About Conquer Poision Yard... Remember no Music or Transitions was allowed in the entry...

In a last ditch effort to get a PVP based entry in, a group of ShaketheHeavens and a group from Pedobear joined together for some fun!

Video Contest and I Can't Enter T_T

Darn it, I make all these videos and the ONE time they hold a contest I cannot compete... Going to be on vacation this Saturday...AND my sword client doesn't even support the resolutions they are asking for... I only have...

1024 x 768
1152 x 864
1440 x 900

And none of those are the resolution they want.

The funny thing is.... I was working on a new "Action" trailer.... well that's karma for you.... G1 Owned BlackWhisper...thanks G1.

From the forum:

After the lackluster response from our last video (including a few thumbs down on our YouTube page tongue.gif). We've decided to turn the tables and get YOU to help us with our new trailer for the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo in sunny Southern California next month! The theme of the new trailer is: "Explore, Unite, Conquer!"

We need videos from YOU ALL ASAP! We need footage of basically EVERYTHING in the game (READ THE DETAILS BELOW VERY CAREFULLY!) If we select your video to use in our trailer you will win an EXCLUSIVE E3 ONLY package that includes (Prizes will be injected to your account after the launch of Sword 2):
  • Baphomet's Horn (365 Days)
  • A set of Constellation Symbols (1 of each)
  • A set of Ancient Runes (10 of each)
  • Your choice of one of the following:
  • Your choice of one of the following:
    • Grenmah Character Card
    • Emilia the Sage Character Card
    • Viki Character Card
    • Summoner Catherine Character Card
    • Captain Adelina Character Card
    • Soho the Fighter Character Card
    • Iron Chef Panfilo Character Card
    • Battlesmith Idge Character Card
    • Kurt Lyndon Character Card
    • Eduardo Character Card
    • Ginger Tiger Pet
    • White Tiger Pet
    • Black Tiger Pet
So what do we need from you all? Beginning today we will start accepting submissions of videos from players.
  • Videos must be action packed and unedited. We cannot use videos that contain non-game related effects or overlay texts.
  • Videos should be in one of the following file formats: AVI, WMV or Quicktime
  • Videos must be made with the highest visual settings possible with little to no frame rate lag. So crank those settings all the way up!
  • Video resolutions MUST be either 1280x720 or 1600x900. No other resolutions will be accepted.
  • Videos must be recorded with 30 FPS or more.
  • Videos must contain NO BACKGROUND MUSIC BUT MUST CONTAIN SOUND! This line may be confusing so we'll explain. We will be adding music to the full trailer, so it is important your submissions have no music. HOWEVER, we DO need any sound effects from casting spells and combat. So turn your background music off and your sound effects up!
  • Videos must contain NO UI so make sure you remember your keyboard shortcuts!
  • Videos can be of any length but MUST PERTAIN TO THE TOPIC: Explore, Unite, Conquer. Examples of good footage would be:
    • Expansive shots of landscapes for "Explore".
    • Follow shots of missions and dungeons for "Explore".
    • Group shots of squads in raid settings (we are especially looking for Sehkmet, Argus, Secret Temple, Arsene and Novia) for "Unite".
    • FACTION WARS for "Conquer". We really need a LOT of shots of Faction Wars.
  • All videos should be uploaded to YouTube as a RESPONSE to this video!
    • To upload a video response login to YouTube and head over to the video here.
    • Click in the comment field below and note the link to the right of the field that says: "Attach a Video"
    • Click "Attach a Video" and follow the instructions.
  • All entries must be posted NO LATER THAN JUNE 3RD!
  • All videos become the property of GamersFirst and K2 Network.
  • GamersFirst may contact you requesting a digital copy of your video.
We're really excited for this new video to showcase everything our community has to offer, so be brave and be bold. You can submit as many videos as you can take. Remember, you'll only have ONE chance to get Faction War footage!!!

Good Luck Pioneers!

P.S. To record videos you must use a 3rd party tool. We use Fraps. There are other video recording tools such as Camtasia. Just remember the output MUST BE 30 FPS!!!

Ice Gate Videos

Alright Finally Finished! Sword of the New World Ice Gate Videos! Check'em out!

Part I:

Hey Guys! Another release here! This time it is Ice Gate, I have parts I and II ready...Here I am trying to set a more dramatic scene, I want to show more than just the raid, I want to show the surrounding area and set the stage for the raid itself. This video covers scenes from KTV, FW, and some of the members that participated in the raid. Hope you enjoy! I am also saving the credits for the end of part III but so you know the music is from Two Steps From Hell.

And Part II:

Hey Guys here is Ice Gate Part II. This video covers scenes from Floor I, Floor II, The Elevator, and Floor III. Sorry about the shaky camera at the beginning. It is surprisingly hard to record everything on High settings with so many people in attendance. Hope you enjoy! I am also saving the credits for the end of part III but so you know the music is from Two Steps From Hell.

Still working on Part III T_T sorry.

Hope you Enjoy!

Expert Scout!

Today I experted my scout Claire! The funny thing about this is I named this scout after a character in Claymore the anime series. This was also a long time before the patch came out that released the little girl claire in SOTNW...err...sword 2 XD, The name clearly messed with some of my buddies because they were pming me "wow, I didnt know you even had a claire!"

G1 Fails too

Lookie here. G1 also fails at broad!

Not a Myth after all....

Doing my daily boss runs. This time I tried it with my PanPan out and low and behold! Taurus symbol from Treasure Golem! YAY! I was actually beginning to doubt if symbols dropped when you use keys. FYI the team I had was Alane (Expert Musk), Claire (Vet Scou), and Grace (Expert), so yea level of characters probably does not matter..

Bye to a Friend T_T

So I did not witness this myself because I was on my alt, but another clannie has sent me this:
And I checked alt-y later and it turns out this is the case T_T Ama has left the clan. We will very much miss her enthusiasm and delightful conversations, I hope she keeps her blog

Its always sad to see a friend go especially when you did not get a chance to say goodbye, but she had this as a former post

"I don't know, but if one day I'm gone, you know where I've gone to. I won't say good bye, because it's not the end. I won't give away my account because one day I will be back. I won't QQ on broad because there's nothing to be QQ about. Silently I've come, silently I will go~. Just miss me a little, because I will miss you too <3"

I can only assume she either found something she did not like with ShakeTheHeavens, or the more likely case is she is moving back to Ragnarok Online.

You will be missed!

Latest Bash

Here we have my latest bash additions:
Racist Asian Joke:
Skill funny:

Child Funny:

New Funny Family Name Label

New Label for Funny Family Names I have spotted:

Family Name is C0ffee: Members are Decaf, Cappuchino, Frappachino

Family name is DragonRoll: Members are Crunchy, Riley, Gromi
Didn't have a screen shot for it, but another funny name was
R0flcopter, members names were I_Fly_A, Jesus_Flew_a, Want_a

Tactical Commands

Okay, so I have been watching some of Flores wizard videos. I have always the hell does change stances so damn fast? Well chances are they modify hotkeys like Ashardalon shows you how in his blog, but I found something easier for us lazy casual gamers in the sword manual see below:
I guess this means I should actually READ manuals since this had been here all along!

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Opening #1: Sotnw Mirrored

Hi guys! Please Watch FMA Brotherhood Opening 1 before you watch this. See Below:

For the Best Effect since they are both here, try to get the song to sync! its really cool!

I have tried to do a different kind of sword video! I was recently inspired by a blog entry to do an introduction movie from an anime but with only sword characters, so here it is! I have done the first opening to Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood using sword characters! Some of the animations the characters do are extraordinarily difficult to replicate in sword along with all the costumes, so I used characters and poses I felt were appropriate. The timing is not 100% perfect with the anime version because Windows Movie Maker Sucks. Hope you enjoy!

Funny, Libra and Errors!

I lol'd HARD when I saw this appear across the screen while running around leveling! I guess this is only funny if you are on Orpesia...

Today apparently is my lucky day too! I found a libra while hunting Dream Blades in Via with Azr and Maoster. Now I am ready for MMA! Well, with the exception of a Master Martial Artist ....sigh...
Finally, G1 still has some text and stuff that is completely messed up. I really can't see how these are that hard to fix -_-

New Costumes are out! check the link HERE

More Bash

When asking for help, you may find this answer common with all questions.
Balbanies gives you a new way to look at Idge
Justice Crafts his plans while talking using sotnw skills!
That's it for now! Enjoy!

Mario and the Circus

Quote while running around with |Justice| In the Circus,
this one is directed while fighting Mario
This one is Directed at the Elector enemies in the Circus:
Finally, This is not a quote, but check out the HP on my musk in this picture!

Sword 2 Unofficial Launch Trailer

Alright guys.... You may have already heard how upset I was at seeing the official trailer:

I was upset because they did not get me psyched up to play the game. It made me feel like the game was dull and unexciting. Well, hell no. No one treats my game like that, not even G1, so I decided to make a newer more exciting trailer featured below! Hope you all Enjoy it! Many thanks to BalR0g for his footage.

Fire Gate Raid Video

Here is my new video! Made it because we went to Fire Gate last night!

Turn the Sound on! This is one of the raids in the free to play MMO Sword of the New World. This video features some of the enemies and the main boss of the raid. My Clan randomly decided to go to Fire Gate last night so I figured I would make a video of it. I have also tried to improve with some of the suggestions from my last video. Hope you all Enjoy!

The Ice Gate Orb

Posting a picture of the elusive Ice gate orb. After ascending to the second floor of IG and depositing the BMS in the proper location an Orb appears leading to the elevator! This is it!
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