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Who is fast?Grenmah appears!
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What if LionofGenesis....

I see what you did there...


Where is the Virus when you need it!

Goodbye to a Legend

Sadly today I received the news that a long time friend and inspiration in the sword was pratically quitting the game. LionofGenesis is essentially retiring just like Fossa. Here are some final screenshots chillen with the big guy.

I will really miss LionofGenesis. He was definitely one of the best geared and well liked members of STH.

My History with LionofGenesis
First met Lion in PY when I thought farming G and Chim in there was a good idea to gear up, yea and he killed me.
Squaded with Lion as frequently as possible for going in there.
Fought against Lion in CW as Shineska and he still owned me.
Joined STH and we became clannies!
From then on Lion has been my Circus partner and guardian in mostly all STH raids and cw events. He has been a mentor and inspiration in the Sword world.

Lion's Legacy! Things that remind me of Lion:
Favorite Lion Quote: "I'm Lion betch and I drive in reverse"
Lion's best known for his keen ability to raid while drinking!

Lastly, Lion gave me some of his shiny treasures for me to look after while he is away!

Lion we will all miss you in STH and we wish you the best in whatever you do!

Hermit Mode Activated

So the video for Sword 2 in E3 was released.!v=AhcSyb...amp;feature=sub

Sword starts at 2:00 and lasts till about 3. And sucked. No offense to Cueto, but the footage they took from him was him being in a wall at circus.

This whole contest was kind of crap since there was only 1 winner and it was only a minute long. Anyway Sword 2 really doesn't get me excited and the EXTREME lack of response from G1 has finally gotten to me...I really don't want to play anymore, being completely ignored by the G1 team is no fun and has wasted a ton of my time.

But as a friend once said "How do you quit a game you do not play?"
-therefore I will just afk ALL the time and be there for TA3.

Good luck and Happy Gaming!

Sword 2 Contest Winner Announced

Quote from Neume:

"We've decided to make everyone follow what happens at E3 to find out the winner. I think you'll be happy to see the results Cueto"

Seems there was only one winner, or else he would have said winners, and it seems its Cueto fighting in Circus.

Nice Job to him. Although now I am once again angry at G1, I know I am not a winner but it would have been nice to have gotten ONE response to the pms I sent to the Gamersfirst Channel. That was fair bit of effort to re-upload my videos. They could have just replied back quickly, hey we don't need the video uploads...Would have saved me quite a bit of time and bandwidth -_-

Back from Vacation, new patch, new bugs!

So I finally returned from Vacation and managed to patch, so much in the game has changed and I like a lot if it. I am still angry there were no official patch notes...But the unofficial ones are here for any who do not already know.

Not something I noticed right away when I got back, my game was bugged so my hotkeys did not work. Here are some quick steps to remedy them

1) forget your old config file
2) click default to set it back to default
3) click on the hotkey tool4) now save a new configuration file
5) Open this file up in notepad and change it
6) now go back to the hotkey tool open the new config file and confirm

Here is a quick picture I made to help figure out wtf is up with the config, if your hotkeys are not working:

T_T Not a real winner....

Yea so severely depressed T_T, I was going to have footage in the new trailer but alas....being out of the country is kicking my ass...

Received from G1

"Hey there trooper, what is the original resolution of your videos? I noticed that there are black bars on the sides. How quickly do you feel you can re shoot everything with the game running in the requested resolution?"

Normally, not a problem because I could have easily recompiled, didn't even realize I had the bars...sadly the footage is not with me AND I don't have internet where I am staying.

My only hope is the following post on the Forum topic...

OK we have selected finalist but only one of them have responded to their YouTube messages! Check your YouTube messages yo! " -Neume

See I am the only one who responded then...So maybe they can hold off until I can get back to the States.

Video Contest Winners!

Guys, So I am still out of town but I ran by a relatives to check the forums, here is what I found !!!

"On an unrelated note we have already selected 2 finalists and are waiting for midnight tonight to select the other finalists. Once we have the raw video files from all finalists and verified they fit the required specifications we will announce the winners.

The current 2 finalists are:

Check your YouTube messages and respond ASAP! "

Yay that is me listed above! CerebralView! Exciting =)
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