Hermit Mode.....Energize!

Hey Guys, Quick Family update from me today,

Soso is working on MMA, Claire is utilizing ET, however, as of late I am unable to cast anything with it (not enough sp T_T), and finally Helena is finishing up Occultism (also can't cast a few skills). As it says in the topic heading....I am going to be hermiting a bit is starting back and so far no luck with my new gear. Nothing is really motivating me right now...

In other news I received my betakey today, this means a couple of things. The first is I don't think I will be working on any more sword vids. I really enjoyed making them and I hope you all enjoyed watching them. So what am I leaving out you ask?

1) I was going to make a final going away vid like TachibanaGE but.....guess that's not happening now
2) Character Spotlight Videos. These were going to be featuring each class doing cool movies in pvp and pve
3) PVP vids....kindof like a who's who of Orpesia (I was gunna ask certain people in server to go 1 on 1 ect..)....I had kind of a street fighter theme I wanted to do for these.

I may still do vids in the future, but for now this is the end!

Expert Selva!

Yay so yesterday after a few days in the AA...ta da! Here she is! Damn you Traegar for drawing such an awesome pic (see previous selva post if you don't know what I am talking about) I just had to have Selva after seeing all that art! Its too bad she is quite useless in pvp -_-

Bash Update

Why we dont like voice packs:Clans are like the death star
Think about it....
Ele's are wut?
Childhood Nostalgia
Starcraft solution

I found this funny...they are singing a song from the disney film Mulan in broad

Paying Attention to clanniesEshi is in our clan and he likes cheesecake
Sometimes we should not ban things.
I always have the solution
We are at Holy Water Chamber Raid and Justice makes this observation.
PirateZCounsil quizzing the server
We like rhyming games
Taken while we were fighting the Wealth's in circus
Explanation of an anchor

Pic of Reckless Emilia during G1 event

Sword 2 "This Is War" Release Gameplay Trailer

HD Full Screen and Sound on! Hey guys! BlackWhisper here once again with another vid. I was thinking about the release of sword 2 the other day, and I thought to myself....If I was going to do a trailer for sword 2 based on a song what would it be? The Answer? THIS ONE. I totally get psyched up every time I hear this song play so I modeled my trailer after the DA: Origins Trailer. Once again presented in HD for your enjoyment! Happy Gaming!

Since you guys follow my blog, I will tell you what is going down.....I am just awaiting a Beta Key for a different game and I will probably start working on trailers for different games....yeah there were a few sword vids I never got around to making, but there isn't much incentive to doing anymore vids for sword (G1 mentioned me in the Neume video and thats it =P). Well you never know....maybe the chip lady will be extra nice and lay some 3dr on me and then I will be forced to be doing more vids, who knows! I may go back and work on one of the ideas I already wrote down in the future...but for now... I think this is it....and I also think it's one of my best yet.

-enjoy and best of luck!

New Art Label for my Blog!

Saw this running around yesterday, Its by DarkBones of STH! That's badass Caly XD

DarkBone's Angel's and Daemons Armor

Some cool screenshots
Rio Alba!
Ein in MMA quest
Ein in LG
Lava Leaf in MMA Quest

STH Triple Abyss on Jorg

DarkBones Screenshot Contest entry

My Screenshot Contest Entry

A Man in Betel

Okay guys. Stutts from STH found something INSANE in one of his screen shots. Here are the pictures to look at them and see if you can find a man.

Okay. If you missed it... There is a MAN in Betel... I'll circle them in the next two

Yea this is Crazy. There is that Dude. Right there! I also confirmed it, if you HD and full screen my MMA vid around 6:22 you can see Betel and yup....its there....creepy

Way to Go Stutts....Nice find. Who knew?

Screenshots by Stutts

Sword 2 Master of Martial Arts Stance Quest Gameplay

Full Screen and sound on! Get ready to witness an epic all out brawl between my family and some of the biggest, vicious bosses in Sword 2. Once again presented here for your viewing pleasure in 720 HD. I hope you like the new flashy character introduction! Thanks to the wiki for boss stats. Happy Gaming and have a great day!

Also since you guys follow my blog, I am going to tell you that my sword 2 making video spree is almost at an end. I recently received a pm about doing trailers for another site for real compensation and recognition so I might not be working on Sword 2 stuff anymore....just FYI nothing final, but they were much more supportive AND enthusiastic than G1 has ever been so I am seriously considering it.

And...just because I said stand by for MMA in my last post...I guess... Here it is XD

Master Soso!

Yay so finally! I have finished Soso! Standby for MMA =)

Here is a picture of my first FULL Masta team!

Creapy hands are cool!

So my biggest mission this past week has been to get Selva. Wow what a mission, I had to finish my caebolean quests and THEN work on the selva quest. Between Amy frags and soup mats I am just about broke. Here is the picture that got me psyched up, by STH's own Traegar!
Yea pretty freaking AWESOME.

Some Screenies from my quest!

Also I would highly recommend following this guide!

Selva When meeting ED.
Avalanche Apparition, Something to note CAN fail to summon it. Get more than 1 ghost nuke before you call your friends.
Last picture is just a dumbfounded looking stone cortes!
Selva Joins the Family

Featured Video of the Week!

So cool thing going on!

Yup that's me!

Thanks Neume for giving me the shout out!

Although I still haven't received my G1 credits....

I also have no idea why that was the video chosen out of all my videos!

Discovery and Generosity

Today has been a pretty awesome day.

Firstly, Discovery!

I found a new blog that had some great information specifically regarding sword 2

Check it out! Lifesaver on one of my quests!


Justice gave me a scorpio symbol for Claire, ET here I come!! Yay!
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