New Bash

What Does Torche's Basement Go Up to?Some Trades are better.....
Be Specific!
Skills are a part of the job!
Watch your wording....
Uber items?
Out of context...
heh.....woemen errr women.
Doctors and Apples
Where are you going
G1 hates color blind people
Sometimes you show up at the best moment
Why did you want a doll again?
Sword 2 Gives Irony
Ohhhh andre.....
Learn to get game.....or makeup for it!

Soooo reckless is an interesting character.

New Uber Weapon Post

Sword 2 Unofficial E3 2011 Gameplay Trailer

Hey Guys so we didn't have a competition this year for footage, but I made a little something anyway because I think our game deserves something! I used Real Sword 2 music this time so Sound on! and I hope you enjoy

Master Asoka

Yay so last week I vesped my Asoka to Master!

Screen shot below =)
Also I don't know how many people are getting this....but randomly one of the clients on one of my computers suddenly won't update anymore and I cannot connect to the game. Its only one computer. I have no idea whats going on! I have copied the files over from my other computers and even totally reinstalled. Nothing! Cant get past the launcher giving me the revision_v2 error.


Anyway Have a great weekend guys!
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