Halloween Events in Sword 2

Just In Case You Didn't Already Know about the Halloween Event:

Right, so talk to the witch in Rebo Queens Gate to Get the Party started. You Must talk to her with a character wearing the pumpkin hat or else she will say you aren't ready for Halloween.

You can accept the Quests for Hunt missions during EVEN hours.
You can farm the Haunted house during ODD hours.

Hunt Missions:
30 Visage Noir - Tetra Golden Road
70 Zombie Merman - Porto Bello the Deck
70 Little Plaque Etons - Tetra Hill and Ruins
100 Haunted Candles - Torche's Mansion
200 Sentinels - Torche's Mansion

You get various useless loot like
1. Chocolate
2. Water Spray
3. Witches Candy
4. Sweet Candy

But you also get a Key To Haunted House.

Haunted House:
Requires one Key to Use. You fight Hallow Apparitions. They have 600 def so don't even bother with melee. Collect as many Spirit tokens as possible to trade in for rewards.

New Bash Update!

Yay Contribution from Kefa:
Where the Fun Parts Are:
Rest of My Bash Quotes!
G1 you tease.
Harry Potter Applicable Everywhere.
Always Funny.
The real Pedos.
Regarding Team Configurations
Status Ailments
Quiet...too Quiet!
Lotr goes to broad.
Not just essays.
Please don't let others see!

Ahh characters from games no one knows anymore D:
Broad Trolls sell EVERYTHING
Yea this guy is on our server
Where did I lose it? and how can I get it back?
Guess there is a reason they separate you in prison
Heroine, Heroin
How do you like your chests?
When you don't get it.
Nice names.
Get Protection!
Circular Logic D:
Why broading sucks
Our Clan Leader =X

Working on a Bash update

Hey guys, I have been really busy lately but just wanted everyone to know a new bash update will be coming up soon.

In other news in case you didn't know we have the nerfed angel series weapons. they don't have the built in res and daemon dmg.
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