Hellena and FI Treasures!

So I saw the notice for the FI Treasure...and Figured....why not... I better have at it!... So Lorch and Sco took to the beach. Right as the hunt started Ashardalon appeared. I thought he was ahead of me the whole time, so when I saw comm.CommName (<- Still not fixed). I thought he had found it. Turns out I did.
I really did not want to lvl Hellena, but.....the chest dropped a wb bracelet of the Great Soul.

lvl 100 Bracelet of the Great Soul
84e Peacemaker
84e Bracelet of Pluto

So I am at FI...again.......sigh

Also traded my Green Ticket to Harrowden for his Red. Crafted the sword... Its a shame the sword is not shiny. I have to 6+ it now to make it glow!

Also Noted:

1) Price of the Black Dragon Blank has dropped to 75m
2) Price of decent 92es has droped to 80m
3) Price of Mega Talts Gone WAAAYYYY up to .5m ea or at least thats what I am seeing people sell
4) Completely Confirmed no 50% buff.

3.4 Is here!

Okay so we just got 3.4.

Today I got Ania and Hellena. Both quests were fun. Also saw the new world events... Standby for video!

for more serious information see:

Patch Notes:
and Ashardalon's Blog for more info.

Expert Stances

Much, much thanks to Clan officer Synthius for providing Te runes for me to get stances. He farmed a freakton to help the clan out. Here is the picture. (Occulta Run 2/5)

CW 2/13/10 Skills Video

Here is just a quick Vid I made using footage from today's CW. It just shows some expert stance skills.

also here in full resolution:
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