Video Making Progress

Hey guys! So as you know from my following posts I am not making new videos for sword 2 at the moments for a few reasons:

1) No new content T_T
2) Other guys are offering compensation for me to make trailers for them
3) really really busy

I just recently finished my first video for them and I thought I would share it with you all, under a new label for my blog since this is not directly sword 2 related. The Game, honestly, isn't really my favorite genre but in the end the game was done quite well and was a surprising amount of fun. All the music I used was straight from the game. Also unlike our beautiful sword 2, there is no way to hide the HUD/UI in this game so I did my best to edit it out. Anyway take a look =)

At least my skills and experience will improve while we are waiting for new update. Might be harder this time around to make an awesome sword 2 vid because Phalanx and Schiv are warring STH for no identifiable reason T_T

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