Holy Water Fun Facts

So....Have you ever been at Holy Water....Just making it to Ortega.....and then the Vince D/Cs? At that points your thoughts might reflect one of the following
  2. "Why the Vince? WHY?"
  3. "Take anything but the Vince! Anything!"
  4. "My CHIPs!"
  5. "This will be interesting....."
But no matter what you are thinking....the raid is over. Without the Vince at the colony spot to debuff Ortega, he regenerates at a monstrous rate making it close to impossible to down him. Now, faced with this situation I decided to try to see if we could bypass Ortega and go straight to Jorg past the Blades, you know....just to say hi....It would probably be too hard to do him to even if the "Evil Monsters Heart" did appear next to Ortega.
If you have been to Holy Water Before you know the blades are instant death. But what you would not expect is that Jorg is actually not summoned unless Ortega is dead, see below.
Secondly, Check out the stats on that Turret placed at the top!That's one tough turret! Bottom line......No chance!
WTB those stats btw.......

Huge Bash Update

Alright, sorry for the delay! Here are some new bash quotes! Hope you guys enjoy!

To Start'em Off we have some sent in by Garmr! yay! Send me your quotes!

What happened?
Problem with the next post is it was seen on Nov 21.
He has got a big what?
hmmm Justice this doesn't work for marriage or dating -_-Thanks much Garmar for the contribution!

And here's what I got this week:

Where did she get the SP?

oO S&M

But you failed to specify!

What you miss when you DC!

Ever wonder?

Well....we know what he's wearing.

Yea....In the comment section comment what you do during LOD runs.....


Not interested!

Lisa's Colchicum Costume!

So I get colony duty......a lot.....for HWC. I switched out Soso for a musk but I am not really effective -_-

New Plan! Get a Lisa and break that colony down! And I haven't had a dagger user before... Lisa also has this really nice costume called the Colchicum Costume. The problem is....its rare T_T and being the sucker I am for getting new costumes....sigh.

From Ashardalon's blog

"[Sword2] Summer Sale V
The last summer sale is on until Aug 31, 2010. Buy any Explorer Pack to get free Colchium costume (Lisa), Premium Treasure Chest to get Iberis costume (Brunie), and/or 20 Great Stones to get Fraulein costume (Claire). See also Summer Sale Play & Win for list of daily winners."

Crap! They had one freaking event for it! this is so sad......So I started broading thankfully after a few days it turns out my buddy w4Rm0nGeR had one he would sell to me! Epic Man. My Friends are Awesome.

Here are some pictures of the costume:
Thanks w4r! Easily the best part of my week!

OH! And DON'T forget: See something funny in Sword 2 and EMAIL ME the screen shot at
Also tell me if you want to be credited for the photo (Just in case you snapped a shot at some interesting clan chat and you don't want to be recognized)
Or if you want me to black out names....

Expanding Bash / Art / Whatever

Ladies and Gentlemen of Sword 2 / GE

Now I have an announcement!
First, thanks Ashardalon, I am totally copying shoutbox just to see what people think.

If you ever have a fun fact, an interesting quote taken as a screenshot in game, or something related to my can now email me at

Ideas / Improvements for Sword 2?

So I figured I would start a Label that covers what could be done to make Sword 2 better/cooler ect...Here are some suggestions I have heard

1. Make unique "Weapon" costumes... I heard a couple of clannies discussing how cool it would be to allow your weapons to change the mesh. Granted if ever implemented it would look like everyone was running around with a const or something. I think this could only be done if the alternate costumes were not existing / really high tier weapons.....or at least that's how I prefer it. Also think of the Lulz. change up your const dag into the fish dag costume....owning people with fish....never....gets....old.
2. Make the mail system more like Wow's. I.E. allow sending of items in the mail, with or without a charge.

My Own suggestions:
1. Make weapons that are chipped show who initially chipped it. I like this because it allows players to leave a legacy of sorts. Lets say you chip this badass will always have your name on it unless it is rechipped.
2. Built in clan timer options. Just allows you to have a box, type some text in "I.E. Diablo, V, GK, U, KoC ect..." and has a count down time next to it that you can set and start.
3. Experience Calculator. Allows you to click on a button...and when you click again it tells you the time elapsed between clicks, AND the amount of experience gained per character (I sadly set this up in excel -_-)
4.Sorting in the MM I.e click on a title and it arranges items by increasing or decreasing order.
5.Notes section in Friends List - I dunno but sometimes I might need little reminders about who people are.

Bash Update

First, Just a random cool pick of the Arrat vs. Jorg I took from HWC earlier this week.

Here is the new stuff!

So no Cannondale doesn't like Jabba....or childrenIs Grenmah's looks a dealbreaker?Don't you hate when that happens?

Quality Control in Orpesia

Hey Guys, If you see any great quotes send them my way!

Dragon Coat Costume Question....

Alright.....Ladies and Gents......In the description....... "It can be used for a different purpose later." Since the actual armor only says "A coat designed to flaunt dragon scales and wings" What in the world do you think is the different purpose? Oh well.....just something to ponder.
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