New Boxes From Emergency Maint!

2 New Boxes Were added with the chance to get the following:

Andre's Portmanteau -

  • Blue Samurai Armor (Male)
  • Blue Samurai Armor (Female)
  • The Queen's Seal
  • Fraulein
  • Ponytail
  • Upgrade Accelerators
  • Level 92 Enchantment Chips
  • Level 100 Enchantment Chips
  • Exp Cards
  • Spinnelles
  • Mysterious Key

Karj's Portmanteau -

  • Red Samurai Armor (Male)
  • Red Samurai Armor (Female)
  • The Queen's Seal
  • Cineraria Costume
  • Fairy Bob
  • Upgrade Accelerators
  • Level 92 Enchantment Chips
  • Level 100 Enchantment Chips
  • Exp Cards
  • Spinnelles
  • Mysterious Key
What Did I get?

4 Exp Cards for 560,000 ea
1 Angler Spin
1 lvl 100 chip
1 Fairy Bob
1 Red Samurai (Male) Costume
1 Key To Jorm

Okay.. no more wasting gold now!

Here is What AutumnFae Got:
3 Red Samurai (Male) Costume
2 Ponytails
1 Claire's Costume

Looks like I got really unlucky with the exp cards T_T

Here is what Moonstar. Got:
6 Exp Cards for 560,000 ea
2 Pony Tail
1 Key To Jorm
1 Claire's Costume
1 5 x Upgrade Accelerator

Here is what Vareth Got:
Andre Boxes:
2 Key to Jorm
1 Blue Samurai (Male) Costume
2 Red Samurai (Female) Costume
1 Pony Tail
1 5 x Upgrade Accelerator
1 lvl 100 chip
2 4 x lvl 92 chips
3 Exp Cards for 560,000 ea
2 Claire's Costume

Here is what Fossa Got:
1 Blue Samurai (Male) Costume
1 Red Samurai (Female) Costume
2 lvl 100 chip
1 Exp Cards for 560,000 ea

8 exp cards
5 lvl 100 chips
12 92 chips
1 angler
3 ponytail
3 fair bob
1 emillia
5 jorm key
2 of each samurai costume
8 uas

white exile:
all karj boxes
1 REd Samurai (Male) Costume
1 Bob Cut
1 Emillia costume
1 angler
1 exp
1 ua

ShakeTheHeavens takes Tetra Hill

That's Right. I got the colony last hit AGAIN! Muhahahhaha.

|Justice| Had a master plan that paid off in the end. I can't go into detail about what we did but the end involved an epic battle between Core, Othrys and STH. Oh and we got the Colony of course.

Unfortunately, Othrys did not seem to like this at all and declared a perma war. There is much speculation on why they kept the war. Some say they were pissed about the colony. Other say Roley ordered it. Why they did we will never know. What I do know is it ended about an hour or two ago.

And Family Level Increase! +1

Yay, Adelina and Lorch pushed my family level up to 22 today.
And now in ShakeTheHeavens.... thats 22+3!

Shineska Assemble! => ShakeTheHeavens

So now it is official. Shineska has pretty much reassembled in ShakeTheHeavens. Today, Under_Cover, DIMEz, DarkBones and I joined up in STH. Wow... so many active people, and so many timers....Too bad I got dragon age....As you can see my first act as a member was to take Adelina and Lorch to the freezone and afk T_T. I use to be an active! when did I become an afker? AAAAHHHHHH.

Quarter Slot Injection!

Yay, I just received my +11 Quarter Slots from G1. I guess this means the price for them are about to plummet in the market. It may be a good time to pick up more if the prices are cheap!

First Real FI Treasure Hunt

So this is my first time getting the FI Treasures. The first time I succeeded I randomly spammed detect in the 100k, and when I actually found it, I had no KEY!

Since then I have been carrying around the Key... And Today I got it!

I was even sneaky enough to beat Ashardalon and his shiny new expert scout!

Got A Grim Wraith, 84e Peacemaker, 84e Katablong

Translation Errors / Game Errors

Just a few places where I have noticed the translation is terrible.

  1. Brunie is a man in the quest "Extra Something"
  2. For Cath of Int, Electric Charger and Chilling Touch have the same description
Places Where The Game is just broken:

  1. A lot of the time the Conversation Text is placed out of the boxes so you cannot really read it
  2. Fire Isle Winner: Instead of Displaying the name it displays: commander.CommName..
  3. When stuff breaks when you are upgrading it still reports as Someone has successfully upgraded (insert item name)

I will add more as I find them!

Brunie has an "Extra Something?"

So once again we have noticed some translation errors in the game. It turns out with one of them, the game refers to Brunie as a man. Coincidence that the quest is called "Extra Something?" Ahh yea... if Brunie was a man the she would definitely have an extra something.

Shake the Heavens I am HERE!

Yay, So I had a chat with |Justice| and It looks like I will be joining STH with DIMEz, DarkBones, Under_Cover, Humingbird, and little dodds

Max Item Limit?

Today while waiting around in fire isle, I noticed my lazy pet was constantly refusing to pick up a pure talt... Odd I thought to myself.. lazy little bugger... It turns out that is not the case.. The max limit for talts and materials is the same as the limit of bullets you can carry.

32767. Who the hell picked that number anyway?

End of Shineska

So while I was afked in FI 100k Zone, I received a pm from a clannie. They said "Why did we disband?" And for a moment I had to take that in.... Then my response was "WHAT?" Lo and behold... While I was afked it turns out Under_Cover disbanded the clan. Apparently, Agonize told him to do so....

I guess I am in the market for a clan now.


A List of Major Clans To Know:

Leader: Karana
Notable Members: Magashi, H3llburner, MearnsQueen, PSN_Raven, XDragoNRecOrdSX (not the right name it's something like that), Ashardalon
Faction: Royalist
Yea, so Phalanx is the new reformed Aegis but without Roley and Shojobeat. They have recruited a ton more people than Aegis ever did and from the looks of it pretty much seeks server domination.

Leader: Cruchaga
Notable Members: PureOfHeart, Eternalus
Faction: Republican
Description: Currently not Recruiting. These guys have managed to perma piss off Phalanx

Leader: |Justice|
Vices: Garmar, Synthius, TheHidden
Notable Members: LionOfGenesis, Vikarus, Silvite, Stutts and a whole ton more =P
Faction: Royalist
Description: Currently not Recruiting. We are the best!

Leader: Pokey
Notable Members: Hossen, ShuCram, NyxSorow
Faction: Republican
Description: Strong clan. They have ticked off Phalanx also... only a few members but they pack a punch!


Leader: Unlimited
Vices: Athros
Notable Members: majerus, realwang, Wirindre (inactive)
Faction: Royalist
Description: They have been around forever, Very active raiders and Cw'er. Their trademark colony is rion.

Leader: jenkins2
Notable Members: RT0
Faction: Royalist
Description: Fatal still CWs but I really don't know much else about them anymore.

Leader: ~Lamperouge~
Notable Members:
Faction: Royalist
Description: small clan....they got Lamp in it.... that's really all I have here

Leader: Roqueloire
Notable Members: Gastaigne,
Faction: Royalist
Description: Very Friendly group of people.

Leader: Iseigin
Vices: Ivering, Almontri, Flurb
Notable Members: Martinellus
Description: Fun group of people. I see them raiding, They do not CW.

They have the freaking cross in their name so I am too lazy to profile them.
Notable Members: l3l2ITO (Runs around with 3 Callys you can't miss him)

Leader: Ophidiasteridae
Vices: Arsena, Brominar, Thiodosius
Description: I actually haven't seen these guys around too much so no real comments here.

Leader: lopez10
Vices: Hourcade, GarciaXXIV, ChUrDeTeS
Description: I actually don't see them around much even though they have 90/100 members. lopez10 will be at the night PYs and is always willing to squad

Leader: RazorMoon
Description: I don't see them at all. They do have several friendly people though.

Leader: Veronican
Vices: Dennizon
Description: I do not see them very active. They do not CW and when I was out recruiting I heard some very negative comments about them.

Leader: Bourchier
Description: Apparently, these guys are hard core about doing your own work...If you buy a character the rest of the members will give you crap about it.

Leader: Naze
Vices: Antineutrino, Martgar
Descritption: Actively recruiting new players. Naze seemed like a nice enough dude when I met him doing witches quests for halloween.

Leader: Tropp
Vices: Neeger
Notable Members: Pisi
Faction: Republican

Spinners / Bad Rep Clans:

(I rarely see these people but I know they are out there.)
Lords of Destiny (Affiliated With NoblesseOblige)
Divine Ascension
Forbidden << style="font-weight: bold;">Notable Former Clans:
Citadel: Essentially, Pre Aegis.
Elysium: The Second major powerhouse from as early as I started playing in the summer up until September of 2009. Disbanded due to clan drama. Leader was Eternalus, Trademark Symbol (^)

Disbanded Clans:
Old Othrys
Old Othrys II(Yeah they disbanded again.....)

Aegis (Inactive)
Leader: Roley
Notable Members: Magashi, Yoshikan, H3llburner, Shojobeat
Faction: Royalist
Aegis is the major powerhouse on Server. They currently own a good majority of the colonies in the game. If you encounter them in PY they will normally leave before chim spawns.

Othrys (Second Disbanded Othrys)
Leader: PSN_Raven
Notable Members: PureOfHeart, XDragoNRecOrdSX (not the right name it's something like that)
Faction: Republican
Description: Currently not Recruiting. These guys have some hardcore pvp. They are the big number two in sever.

Leader: Pokey
Notable Members: DemonicBlade, Dalexandro
Faction: Royalist
Description: Strong clan. They have ticked off aegis at some point because Aegis is working at keeping them off the map. If they are at PY leave because they want the bosses

Fatal (Old Fatal)
Leader: AutumnFae
Notable Members: Synthius, Dragonmount, Lamperouge (Definately messed up his name!)
Faction: Neutral
Description: Fatal is a fairly strong group of people. They do actively raid and they CW a lot.

A Merc Required

So I was running around when someone put up a lvl 60 Ed for Sale. I thought.. hmm I have a bit of vis.. Why not get it right? Well it turns out that certain Characters CANNOT be traded even though they are still a card.
I do not have a complete list, nor have I confirmed this for myself, but according to a friend the following characters cannot be traded even if its just a card:
  1. Kurt
  2. Ed
  3. Nar
Guess you learn something new about the game every day eh? Also merc warrants are a bit on the expensive side right now. Prices range from 100-120m.

Winry Makes Expert!

Finally, After several long trying days in the AA and many interruptions (Raids, Witch's Quests) Winry has finally made EXPERT.

A Late Starter

So I have been dying to start recording some of the things I do in sword. I just figured a blog would be the best way to keep track of all of this. Clearly, this blog does not start from the beginning of my adventures, but I hope to recount my previous tales, AND re-post helpful things I have written in my Clan Forums.

The Economy

Alright I am Going to try to make an effort to record common price values of things I see on the MM. Remember to always check current MM prices and ask your clannies!

Note that these are about average price ranges. The MM fluctuates constantly.
Just trying to Keep tabs on some items.

HQ Ruby - 2-4m
HQ Emerald - 750k-3m
HQ Sapphire - 4-6m
Red Rough:
Blue Rough:
Green Rough:
Yellow Rough:

OCP - 55m
SS - 55m

Elite Plate: 5-7m
Elite Camisa: 5-7m
Elite Graciecoat: 4-7m
Elite Striform: 14-20m

Cath Parts:
Left Hand: 14-20m
Left Arm: 24-30m
Pelvis: 2-4m

Level 100 Weapons Crap Mods or Blank
Swordbreaker (Main-Gauche) 7-12m
DeamonSlayer (GS) 15-20m
Vampiric Edge (Sabre) - 30-50m
Grim Wraith (Sword) - 20-30m

Level 92e Weapons:
Normall Sell For 80m ea Blank

Most fakes for Joquin, Porto Bello, Tetra sell for 3-8m ea
AQM fakes sell for 8-20m

lvl 100 8-11m
lvl 92 2-3.5m
lvl 88 700k-1.8m
lvl 84 500k-750k
lvl 80 300k-450k
under lvl 80 is 300k and under.


Mystic Potion (Found in FI): 3-4m, Sell on Friday or On Saturday right before CW.
Mysterious Powder : 800-1.5m
EB: 1-1.5m ea
UA: 1-1.5m ea
SC: 800k-1.3m ea
Rhodite: 2-10m
Merc Warrant: 75-120m Huge Price Spike as of Halloween
Vet Scroll: 20-25m
Exp Scroll: 30m
Scoket flux: 8-15m
+6 Gen Laq: 750k-2m (Drops in Oops boxes so they are common now)
Quarter Slot: New Going rate seems to be 8-10m (Use to be 5m)

POs Normally trade 1 PO : 2 MP or 2m ea.

MM Price Ranges as of 10/22
Lowest and Highest I have ever seen
Leo: 12-20m
Aquarius: 95-105m
Sagittarus: 7-12m
Cancer: 90-100m
Capricorn: 50-80m
Tartarus: 28-40m
Aries: 75m

Sufferin Put these
TI: 10-60m
TE: 60m
An: 10m
Ar: 10m

Ashardalon Inspired.

Okay Yup, some of my stuff will look familiar. I am shamelessly stealing ideas from Ashardalon because he is my inspiration for both the blog and in sword. Check out his blog at He has some awesome stuff there.

BlackWhisper Family

BlackWhisper Family
Family Level: 34+3
Edition: Sword 2 (Sword of the New World)
Server: Orpesia

Updated 2/14/2011

Coincidentally, I began playing Sword a few days after "The Great Downtime" and then I thought that Sword was dying... Dead Wrong. Since Then I have been running round learning about the game. Currently working on getting some Masters!

Clan Membership
Clans I have Joined
  • UnboundDarkness (UD) - Ahh the good old days in UD. This was when I first began plying the game. These friendly fellows were a great start off point for new players. A shame we disbanded.
  • Shineska - Lead by a fellow I met while camping for the midget girl Claire. I kept running into Sufferin while afking in different places...Claire...FI.... and so a week or two after UD disbanded I joined on with Sufferin and his crew. Eventually became the recruiting officer of Shineska.
  • Shake The Heavens - I joined STH sometime after Shineska disbanded. |Justice| and his clannies are supportive and fun to be around. The current officers are helpful and awesome.


Winry [Battlesmith Idge] (Str +3)
Winry is my favorite character in Sword. I am a huge fan of big weapons and she is one of the two promo characters I own. The name you may recognize from Full Metal Alchemist. In the series Winry is an automail mechanic i.e. she builds crap.. just like Idge.

Kira[F-Fighter] (Str +3)
Kira was LionofGenesis's Fighter that would go to circus with me all the time.

Soso (Str +3)
I need an MA. And Soso is suppose to be Chinese so I'll take it!

Romina (Str +3)
Okay.... I needed to satisfy my Equities Craze!

Alane[F-Musk] (Dex +2 Agi +1)
My Musk! The Typical name I take for all my female characters in RPGs.. I am sure these names came from somewhere....

Genesis[M-Musk] (Dex +2 Agi +1)
LionofGenesis's musk he merc'd over to me when he quit the game.

Grace (Dex +1, Agi +2)
Okay... Grace is the best afk powerleveler you will ever get....period. No one beats the shotgun power!

Helena (Int +2, Con +1)
Hmm......See the thing is....I really hate eles. They are just really hard for me to level. Helena, however, is extra lucky because I seem to just constantly have good luck with her gear!

Lisa (Str +3)
Leveled her for Holy Water Chamber Raids


Claire[F-Sco] (Int +1, Con +1)
The name is inspired from the Anime/Manga Series main Character Clare in Claymore.

Alicia[Cath of Str] (Str +2 Duh!)
The continuation of my greedy nature to get the Caths. I think I traded someone 60m + the left arm to make her. The name is from one of the characters in the Anime/Manga Series Claymore, Alicia the Black. One of two twins in the series. I actually do not think you see them in the Anime. I can't really remember.

Selva (Str + 2)
I HAD to get Selva after seeing Traegar's artwork. I posted that somewhere in this blog lol.


Warrick [M-Fig] (Str +1)
Warrick is my Fig...That is just the typical name I have for my warrior in all the RPGs I play. Don't ask me why. I DON'T KNOW.

Sieg[M-Musk] (Dex +1)
The name is from a fantastic old school capcom game Chaos Legion. The main character is Sieg Wahrheit. Later I was informed by my brother that Sieg is also the name of the main character in another F2P Game Lunia.

Kurt (Str +1)
I just liked his coat honestly, I think he looks like a girl!

Emilia (Int +1)
Well....I snagged the Cinerina Costume for her a while back, and in 4.0 she gets bard stance! I'll take it!


Idge Level 100
Mia Karjalain 100
Andre Level 100
Adelina Level 100
Lorch Level 100


There are a lot of them. I think I'll just fill this in later.
Oswin [Trooper]
Named after a favorite Fire Emblem Blazing Sword character.

Named after Seras Victoria from Hellsing OVA!

Tyki[m-wiz-lvl 22]
Named after a main antagonist in D. Grey Man, Tyki Mikk.






Lyra[f-wiz-lvl 11]
Named after a popular NPC in Hellgate London

Named after the British Agent with the powers of Ice from the Anime Darker than Black.

Komui[Panfilo de Narvaez, the Iron Chef lvl 67]
Named after the D. Grey Man character of the same name. In the series he is the brother to Lenalee.


Harley [Yeganeh, the Carpenter]
Named after the character Harley Sutton from Chrome Shelled Regios,
He is the DITE-mechanic of the 17th platoon, who does not participate in combat

Irene [Reb Soldier]
Named after the character in Blood+,
Irène is one of the Schiff, but unlike her companions she is greatly bothered by the idea of killing humans to drink their blood, refusing to do so despite its leaving her in a weakened state.

Named after the main antagonist in Devil May Cry, Vergil is the brother to Dante.

Lero [Poppet]
My First pet... That little bugger refuses to pick up an ELV in Scorching. His name is from D. Grey Man, The little umbrella the Earl Carries around

Felli [Moppet]
Okay. Was not planning on nabbing a healing pet...I mean I do have a scout for a reason... but a friend convinced me there is no better way to do AA so there you go! Felli is the name taken from one of the Main characters in Chrome Shelled Regios

Ling Wong is named after the only full sized NPC Panda in Guild Wars Factions:

Emilia is Good? WTF!

So my buddy revealed to me that Emilia gets good by the time 4.0 rolls around. Proof? Book of the Wind! She finally gets Bard stance and some nifty expert stances. Damnit! Now I need to level an Emilia too! See bookofwind for more info!

Catherine Distraction!

Bah! I am addicted to Catherine T_T. I traded a symbol of Capri for a Cath of Int. I keep telling myself not to collect the Caths because they suck... Oh well... It cannot be helped I guess :( To much elemental strife this last CW. The temptation was not removed...The will was too weak and I succumbed.
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