Joaquin Underground Prison Raid Video

Well...Its been a really, really long time since I have had any motivation to record and do another vid for sword. As you all know I retired around 6-7 months ago from making sword videos. Well.....I guess I am pleased to say...I have returned! Sadly, this will be my only one for right now because I am terribly busy, but I definitely found some inspiration during the week. And I did nab some footage for castilla mines as well.....

I also want to take the time to thank the people that essentially made this happen! All my buddies that migrated over to what! Without out their support this could have never happened. Thanks a lot guys! I means a ton that you would take the time to run me through a HARD raid...while guarding me the whole time too.

Let me know what you guys think! XD


Yea So while crafting some Artisan's Boots for a friend....We came upon a very special bug:

Yup, what you see here is true!
The first one comes from the mobs in Scorching Plateau I believe
The Second one comes from the tool merchant by trading in 5 Vet Tokens.

Thanks for the heads up patch! lol...... did we really run out of adjectives for leather?

Sword 2 Comics!

So check out what I found!

Visit it!

It is comics in the style of Order of the Stick/ XKCD / Cyanide and Happiness but for sword 2. I am enjoying them! Hope you do too!

New To The Family!

So I got Valeria, Cath Torche and Reckless!

Also see my notes for the quests in the posts below!

my new additions to the family.....
Valeria of course..

Galatea [Catherine Torche] - is a name popularly applied to the statue carved of ivory by Pygmalion of Cyprus in Greek mythology . In the Myth Pygmalion Carves the statute and Aphrodite brings it to life! Kind of like Cath the Robot becoming Meat Cath! XD

Eris [Reckless Emilia] - is the Greek goddess of strife and discord, her name being translated into Latin as Discordia. I thought that would be fitting XD She kind of looks like Eris from Sinbad and The Seven Seas!

Happy Gaming!

Regarding UPC Torche, Valeria and Reckless Emilia

Okay so some quick pointers and Questions and Answers. Walkthough provided here by Book of Fire. That guy is awesome and its now everyone's to go place for info! don't forget to visit

Reckless Emilia / Crazy Emilia Quest
Posted from Book of Fire!! All Hail Book of Fire!
-Sorceress Emilia is a pretty straight forward fight. I didn't use any boosts or fillers for her. All she does is her auto attack, and every so often an aoe. I lived just fine in 6/3 92e armor. I really beat her using Lisa with a crappy 6+ assassin's dagger. Just make sure to use the Spiritual Resistance Potion!
Objective : Sorceress Emilia Character Card
Prerequisite : completed Hapkido constellation stance quest, Detective Gertrude (any level)
  1. Go to any major town with Gertrude in MCC team to trigger the quest mail automatically.
  2. With Gertrude in MCC team, go to C8 of Port of Coimbra to enter Emilia's Research Center to start an instanced mission.
  3. The mission is 15 minutes long, including approximately 1 to 2 minutes of NPC drama at the beginning. (There are more dialogues at the end, but the timer will stop for those.) Within the mission:-

    1. Defeat Emilia the Sorceress within the time limit. Emilia the Sorceress has the following stats:-
      Emilia the Sorceress (lvl135)
      human / soft / none / medium
      hp: 2,944,080
      AR / ATK: 69 / 7370
      DR / DEF: 69 / 177
      RES: 50 all
    2. With Gertrude as leader, talk to Emilia. (The timer will stop for these fullscreens dialogues, so take your time to read.)
    3. Talk to Emilia again to receive Sorceress Emilia Character Card.

Valaria's Quest
Posted from Book of Fire!! All Hail Book of Fire!
-If you are a royalist you will start the quest from Lyndon
-Testormento Summons little Bio man and other mobs when he reaches 20% don't caught off guard. The bio guys pretty much 2-3 shot me. He also does a crazy Aoe attack that may wipe your team so when he gets to about 30% move a person away in case he kills everyone.
Objective : Valeria Character Card
Prerequisite : completed Ania recruitment quest, member of clan with party affiliation (i.e. level 52 Faction)
  1. Go to City of Auch to trigger the quest mail automatically.
  2. Enter the Republican Embassy and talk to Simon Ayende.
  3. Go to the small room at C4 of Prison de Joaquin, Torture Chamber and click on the green arrow at the corner to start a combat instance. Mission lasts 30 minutes. Within the mission:-
    1. Defeat all normal mobs in the first area to unlock area to Warp Gate.
    2. Click on the Warp Gate at the end to move to the next area.
    3. Defeat the first boss Kingdom Ogre. Kingdom Ogre has the following stats:-
      Kingdom Ogre (lvl130)
      human / heavy / none / medium
      hp: 549,738
      AR / ATK: 67 / 30135
      DR / DEF: 67 / 255
      RES: Fire 70, Ice 70, Lightning 70, Mental 40
    4. Click on the crystal mechanism in the middle of area to summon the next boss.
    5. Move to the back of the area and defeat the second boss Testormento. Testormento has the following stats:-
      Testormento (lvl135)
      human / heavy / none / large
      hp: 893,037
      AR / ATK: 69 / 14156
      DR / DEF: 69 / 248
      RES: Fire 85, Ice 85, Lightning 85, Mental 60
    6. Click on the crystal mechanism in the middle of the area again.
  4. Return to Simon to receive Valeria Character Card.
This marks the end of Valeria's recruitment quest. Completion is required for the Joaquin Underground Prison raid mission (which drops the stance book for Valeria's exclusive [Innocentio] stance) in v4.7.


Catherine Torche's quest
Posted from Book of Fire!! All Hail Book of Fire!
-Okay so Quick things to note about the fight:
  1. You cannot hide your cath in sitting shot at the start of the mission, the room fills with blades
  2. There are 2 messages that appear before Cath will, the messages seem to be dependent on kills. I got the First message between (50-60min) the second message between (40-50) and cath showed up at (25-40), Yea I failed more than once so I give you a rough spread there. A Friend of mine actually killed so much so fast he did the whole quest in 12 min.
  3. I would highly suggest running over to the north east set of stairs...There seems to be a fewer spawn over there, also this is where I put my cath in sitting shot. make sure to buff!

Objective : Catherine Torsche Character Card
Prerequisite : completed Al Quetz Moreza, Holy Water Chamber quest, completed Catherine recruitment quest, Catherine of CHA/STR/DEX/INT (any one, any level)
* There are many "Catherines" in this game. In this guide, "Catherine" refers to any one of the four types of robot Catherine while "Catherine Torsche" refers to the human Catherine.
  1. Go to any major town to trigger the quest mail automatically.
  2. Go to F4 of Dr. Torsche Mansion Grand Library and walk over the middle of the room to trigger a non-combat instance.
  3. Click on the green arrow leading to Dr. Torsche's Laboratory to start another non-combat instance. Within the mission, talk to Catherine.
  4. With Catherine as team leader, go to D2 of Torsche Mansion Savage Garden and click on the green arrow leading to Torsche Mansion Basement to start a combat instance. The mission lasts for 1 hour. Catherine must not die in the mission; if she dies, it is instant Mission Failure without any chance for Soul Crystal or Resuscitation. Within the mission:-

    1. Move a few steps closer to the central room before buffing. The first room will be filled up with Rotating Blades after a few minutes.
    2. Defeat normal mobs while waiting for Catherine Torsche to appear. Mobs are lvl120 Golem with 60 AR/DR. There are 4 stairwells to the sides of the central room that serve as safe zones, so stay at those spots to avoid getting swarmed.
    3. After some time, Catherine Torsche will appear after a short cutscene.
    4. Look for her, or stay at a stairwell and wait for her to look for you. Either way, reduce Catherine Torsche's hitpoints to critical level to trigger a second cutscene. Catherine Torsche has the following stats:-
      Catherine Torsche (lvl130)
      human / light / none / small
      hp: 4,814,544
      AR / ATK: 67 / 3697
      DR / DEF: 67 / 172
      RES: 50 all
  5. Return to Dr Torsche's Laboratory and talk to Dr. Torsche to receive Catherine Torsche Character Card.
This marks the end of Catherine Torsche's recruitment quest. Completion is required for the Torsche Mansion Basement raid mission in v4.5.

Thanks to Fabriso for the information from Book of Fire
Thanks to G1 for the surprise ninja patch
Finally thanks to LionofGenesis for helping me out.

Best of Luck Guys and Happy Gaming!

5.0.23 Renaissance Ninja'd Over Night!

Alright guys quick heads up! If you didn't know...we already have 5.0 weeeeeeee. Posts to come on the recruitment quests. I took screenshots and asked around for advice

Your Rings are in the Cabinet of the MM!

Mega Huge Bash Update

So Mega Huge Bash Update Today:

Be careful what you buy!

At Least he Offered

What do you want to find on Hulu?

What is being Demoted?

Do you have one of these?

You know that is where the points go

Mao is Generous

I would do that trade

Sentence Completion is important

Avoid the Censorship


Well.....That's one way of doing it:

Lord of the Rings Jokes are Funny

Someone read that wrong.....

Could be....

My Vices are Better than Yours

What is your favorite drink?

Ah....the ele's voice

WTF Price is that?

Sometimes a name speaks for itself

Thank goodness for those game tips.

College kids

Take me to the Circus!

I make stuff up

Epic trades?

Do what the king of pop says

Some Screenie's from people who sent them in!

Here are some from Garmar!

Vice is a punishment

Kurt > ED here is why

Foreigners are funny?

Damn those pokemon that are already caught

Holy Water is a Good time

Lets sing Christmas carols


Balr0g sent these:

Save the Server from PZC

Why we have perma wars.


Finally, this one was crazy, there were waaaaaay more pages too but I got lazy.
When STH is Bored....we are reallllllly bored.

REJOICE! Ash's Blog is back.

Thank Goodness. I am overjoyed. That is all.

Three Cheers for Ashardalon!

New bash to come later.

And this is why we can't have nice things. Closing of Ashardalon's Blog

As I would assume, many of you have taken notice of the absolute worst blow to the sword community possible T_T

Apparently, real a--holes have been non-stop trolling Ash's blog and this has resulted in him closing it to the public. This is such a tragedy because that blog is honestly the greatest source of information available, He does a ton of really unique things on this blog:
  1. Testing Sword 2 Features: i.e. experience rates, upgrading rates, everything you can name.
  2. Easy Access to information about other GE updates
  3. Fun facts where he describes where some of the names in Sword 2 come from
  4. Events and Updates for our version of GE. Like wtf to do for the quests and stuff
  5. UI Interfaces and Other Upgrades to the Game as it stands
  6. Costume Pictures!

All the trolls should just go ritually commit suicide or beg for forgiveness now for depriving us of that blog. I started both my blog AND my videos as a direct result of Ash's blog. I hope the community realizes the incredible amount of work AND input Ashardalon has put both into the community and towards his blog. What a huge loss especially for new players. I found Ash's blog before the forums when I started playing and honestly I only drift to the forums when I am really bored.

I believe that a sword player could get away with only visiting a few sites ever:
  1. Ashardalon's Blog
  4. Book of Wind (Past) Book of Fire (Present)
  5. Maaaaybe the forums.

This actually makes me more derailed than G1 with all their problems combined. Sorry for being more long winded then normal, but this has me really upset. I freaking love that blog. and see....when people are jerks, this is why we cant have nice things.

Master Helena!

Finally, Mastered an Ele class. That Took....Forever. How do you people manage wizards?

Master Musk and Master Grace!

Finally! Utilizing a HPS and the 50% buff weeks I got these two to Master! Now if only I had good gear for them T_T

And Here is a Picture of My all Flint Team!

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