Lightning Gate Raid Video

Hey Guys! BlackWhisper here again! Full Screen and Sound on! This video is made from old footage, I have been caught up working on other projects but here it is finished. I thought it would be cool to post this one because not many players get to see or do lightning gate. So now I present to you in full HD quality Sword 2 Lightning Gate Raid Video.Happy gaming and Enjoy.

The World Ends With You

A highly controversial issue in Orpesia....the behavior and actions of Phalanx. Today In a fierce fight against other clans Phalanx has managed to take over the map.

Peace makers? World Takers? Colony Breakers? Small-clan Haters?
You Decide what you think....Either way here are some screenies
Karana Lays down the Rules!Phalanx takes the map.
War ends and they get bragging rights.

My Two Cents: Bravo for being strong enough to take the map.....but the game was more fun when there were actually colonies to fight for. If there were a 5 colony limit...or if they only wanted part of the map it would be more fun for smaller clans to try to fight. Having the whole map completely dominated pretty much ends CW...which is a shame because it can be a lot of fun.

Either way. STH and Phalanx had some pretty epic fighting going on...some of it will show up in a vid I make later most likely.

And because It has to be said......~Lamperouge~'s Nar was badass.

Level Up Contest!

Hey level up contest! By now you have read about the awards and stuff... Here are a few clarifications I just wanted to put up because they confused me initially....

Thank Ashardalon for most of these questions btw.
QUOTE (Ashardalon @ Jul 23 2010, 12:02 PM) *
I'm a bit confused. Please clarify some points.

By "Beta Testers", do you mean players of Sword 2 Open Beta (i.e. people playing on live servers around June 2-30, 2010)? Or is some other beta (Evora, Montoro, etc.)?

Response form Neume
Great questions. Yes this applies to players who were active during the Sword 2 Open Beta in June, 2010 specifically.
QUOTE (Ashardalon @ Jul 23 2010, 12:02 PM) *
So do these beta testers still need to create a new account to participate?

Response form Neume
No, the account you played during beta has already been entered. Creating a NEW account WILL NOT get you additional entries. So just continue playing and having fun!
QUOTE (Ashardalon @ Jul 23 2010, 12:02 PM) *
If not, are the beta testers disqualified if they have employed mercenaries BEFORE this event?

Response form Neume
As long as you have leveled 3 characters to the required levels you are fine. You CAN use Mercs however they will not count toward the 3 characters that need to be leveled.

QUOTE (Ashardalon @ Jul 23 2010, 12:02 PM) *
For Sept 17 level-up, is it Lv.110 or Lv.120? The website and forum say differently.
120 -
110 -

Response form Neume
Sept should be for 120 not 110.
QUOTE (Ashardalon @ Jul 23 2010, 12:02 PM) *
Is character promotion required? Or can the Lv.110 character be left as Veteran Lv.10 (100%)?

Response form Neume
Unfortunately due to the way the game counts levels you do actually have to promote.

QUOTE (Delacourte @ Jul 23 2010, 12:05 PM) *
thank you for responding. I just wanted to be crystal clear that I don't have to do anything further for my slim chance at winning anything.

Response form Neume
Our intent is that if you were an active player during beta that has characters of the required level (that you leveled on that account) you don't have to lift a finger to be entered to win.
Most of these are found on :

Bottom Line: If You have already been playing sword you don't have to do jack. Awesome.

Also fellas really don't get your hopes up on this one.....very slim chance of winning..

Special Clan Event

Well here I have to share the Clan Event held for all Clan Members by Justice! In advance Justice told the clan we were having this event from several days ago. It all Began with Justice getting into character...I headed over to the Beach and got ready....=PWe all gathered together with a surprisingly good turnout! If only we could get the same for HWR.Justice then gave us a pep talk and traded everyone an Angler Spin...Some people, however, could not follow instructions.
Every member launched a spin at the same time, and there were a lot of anglers running around. If you are curious the ratio for Swamp Anglers to Bog Anglers was about 1:4After Killing all the spins (no dhr T_T) Justice opened a ton of different CS Boxes RR StyleFinally he ended it with this.
In conclusion, it was a fun event...It's nice to see the clan leader holding events and bringing the clan together. Go STH and happy gaming to the rest of ya!

Holy Water Chamber Raid Video

Full Screen this now! Music on! That will help you see the action when the teams divide. Hi Guys, BlackWhisper here again. After doing the E3 gameplay action trailer I was about ready to quit making movies, however, some very enthusiastic pms and comments about my work, along with the incredible determination of my clan and clan leader have kept me at it. So now I present to you in full HD quality a raid video for the Holy Water Chamber. I haven't seen that many sword 2 videos on the HWC raid so I thought I would share. Sorry for the length, I don't normally like videos this long....but it is the first Sword 2 raid that feels like a serious raid. Happy gaming and Enjoy.

Bash Update

Here is a quick Sword2Bash Update!

Some of use put a little more effort into our weapons....
Guy or a girl?Your momma jokes are still funny.
*Requested to take out.. Sorry guys. I assure you it was hilarious though.*
Traeger is always like this...Hilarious Quote for any mass effect players:Cool image I found in a profile, I might start a new label for funny family profilesI am not what I think I amHarrowden has a fan!I pm'ed him after this broad and he told me that people where actually asking about where to get them.Buch is cool! Nuff saidComment made when G1 messed up AA pass to be 800goldLastly, a not a funny one, but a meaningful quote from LionofGenesis.

BlackWhisper Family Welcomes Kira

LionofGenesis decided to merc out his characters emphasizing his decision to quit, and no amount of persuasion and begging would stop him T_T. He wanted to ensure, however, that his legacy lived he carefully choose who to give out his well cared for characters.

For me he saved a very special one, Kira LionofGenesis... Kira is his female fig that he would always take to Circus with my BSI.

Having Kira is special because She is the character I associate the most with Lion due to all the many circus runs we have gone through together. Having her in the family means that Lion's Legacy will continue to live with her...I will always have a little piece of this legendary player in sword of the new world. Lion also bestowed upon me his costume so she looks almost exactly the same as when he had her.Here is a picture of Winry [BSI] welcoming Kira to the BlackWhisper Family!

I can now proudly say....I present to you.... Kira BlackWhisper...shes the only character in my family that can "Drive in reverse!"

Sword 2 Unofficial E3 Action Gameplay Trailer

Hey Guys! BlackWhisper here again with another release. Sorry for the delay on making this one, events relating to the game almost made me quit. For this video I am using the footage I took for the GamersFirst E3 competition, hence the E3 description in the title. Also note, this video IS in 1280x720 for your viewing pleasure. Finally, this video is special because I am dedicating it to LionofGenesis from ShaketheHeavens, he is leaving the game and we will all miss him greatly.

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