Ultimate Game Card Selection and Payment Error

Okay guys so recently I nurbed up. I thankfully haven't bought gold in some time, but lets face it....slutty santa soka costume <3. So I went out and bought some.

My favorite method of buying gold is always buying Ultimate Gamer Cards from =)

Now I had this error happen to me. I bought a 20$ code, but I stupidly/accidentally selected 10$ from the [Buy More] under G1 Credits. What happened? Well they credited me with 10$ or 800g1 creds, but I couldnt use the code again and I should have gotten 1600. I sent out a ticket to g1 and got this:

Thank you for contacting GamersFirst Payments Support.

When you redeem an Ultimate Game Card the full value of the card is put towards the order that you are redeeming the card to. These funds do not stay on the card, as an Ultimate Game Card can only be redeemed one time. If the balance owed on your order is less than the value of your card, then the overpayment is noted on the account as a credit (PayByCash Pixels). A PayByCash Pixel is a form of digital currency, with your remaining balance, which may only be applied toward future purchases for the same game, by the same user account.

To use the credit that is currently on your account you will first need to place a new PayByCash order. Once you have placed this order you will be asked if you would like to use the balance that is noted on your account. You will need to select "Yes." The next step is to fill out the order information. Once you have filled this out, you will then be taken to the payment page where there will be a button that says "credit by balance." You will need to make sure to click this button in order for your payment to go through.

If you have any additional inquiries, please submit a new ticket.

We appreciate you taking the time to contact us.


Okay so I need to try PayByCash? fine. I tried this, works like they said, everything appears, except there is a charge fee and when I click "use balance" and UGC it says to enter a pin, but there is no field for it. BullShit.

So here is the solution if you mess us like me. Don't bother ticketing G1, u will just get the message above, instead, follow the steps in the message until u get to the payment screen, there choose contact the PayByCash site representative, make and account or login, and submit a ticket directly to them! They responded to me fast, here is a copy of the message I put down for them:


I recently had an issue where I had a 20$ Ultimate Game Card and I accidentally hit pay for 10$ at the GamersFirst by K2 Network, Inc Paysite for the game Sword 2. I was then credited with $10 since I only bought 10. Could you apply the remaining 10$ towards my account on Sword 2 for G1 Credits and I initially intended?

I was told this was how to remedy the situation and found a guide here:

Where this guy looks like he had the same problem, according to the pay sheet I have this information:
Account Name: XXXXXXXXX
Remaining Balance of $10

You needed to get to the payment section of PayByCash to get your account name.

I got an email back in like 2 hours and they had credited me back. All hope is not lost!

I feel bad because I once traded a dude who did this exact thing, at the time I had no idea wtf he was talking about, you would think if you entered a UGC card for the wrong amount they would deny u or just immediately credit u for the amount of the card, w/e, At least It all worked out for the best.

Cortes Raid?

Not Sure, but I think cortes relates to "Stone Cortes" He is the final boss at the quest line described here:

Sword 2 Patch to 8.5.2

Okay, so we finally patched! but WHAT NOW?


its okay, I found the viron quest we were suppose to be doing.

Clock Tower Quest:

*[NOTE: This guide says you need 10 of each stone to craft...u actually only need 5]

Lionel Recruitment Quest:
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