Trade in the Crystal Wings

Hey Guys, I just found this out today....many of you might have already known....but here it goes!

You can combine all your crystal 7 day wings from boxing for the tiger pets....into 30 day wings so they dont take up any needless space.

Go to the Costume Merchant

[3] Temporary Back Costume Trade

Select the Crystal Wings

And then either turn them into 15 day or 30 day wings!

These Times Are A Changing + Bash Update

So just wanted to comment today about how rapidly things are changing. Orpesia server is currently undergoing some massive changes in regards to clan wars, permas and stuff. Sword 2 is finally getting our 6.7 update so that's exciting too! In other epic news, STH former clan leader |Justice| may be returning with the update to keep it frosty! Super excited for that.

Overall it was shaping up to be a good day.....but out of the blue one of my long time friends in game called me a whiny betch, and essentially wanted to completely sever contact with me. Really sad that happened because this was one of the very few people I enjoy chatting with to quote The Last Samurai..."I shall miss our conversations" D: I guess that sort of thing happens from time to time although to quote from Pirates of the Caribbean "I'm not sure I deserved that" or perhaps I did. Sad day for me. It does, however, emphasize that sometimes it is just a game, you really don't get to know some people as much as you think you do. Finally to quote Alister from Dragon Age "such as it is...."

You probably don't care, but for what its worth...I'll miss you anyway!

geeeez....enough with the drama and heavy stuff! Here is this weeks funnies! Some submitted by Garmy! weeeeeeee! I wish more people would participate!

Theories on Anglers and DHRs Part 1

Theories of Anglers and DHRs Part 2
That's what I do!

QQ Everywhere!

Always funny....

Caught Red Handed
Sword 2 is like...

The Best MMA Explained


What is 1h good for?


Oh no!


I use sedatives for....

Not to offend any phalanx readers....but this is hilarious anyway

Girls and Stones

Someone Likes to eat!

The Rescue Knight in Ruins is named Chace...

Oh ATP you are soo...

I said...don't....nvm

I would do that search

sticks and stones may break my bones...but chains and whips....

Hope you all enjoyed! That's it for now!

G1 Takes a Stance

G1 takes a stance against the Auto red bug threatening to suspend members. This announcement was taken at around 6:00 SST orpesia server.

Also ignore the typo lol.
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