It comes to an end.

Wow incredible

check this out:

G1 Jericho Sword 2 Release Trailer

We DID get a trailer for 6.7. I guess i am just really not with the times. Gotta wonder why isn't stuff like THIS advertised right on the sword 2 homepage, right? I really ran into it kind of obscurely.

I had no idea G1 had stepped it up so much, This trailer is excellent. That being said, I think I'm done for videos for now, honestly, even though I think some of my newer vids are better, I have like a grand total of like 2500 views for my last 5 vids, which is pretty pathetic lol.

I just want to thank everyone who has followed my blog for my videos. I might come back to it eventually, but for now I am definitely done.

Bash updates will continue as normal!

Anyway Congrats to G1 that's really excellent stuff. Looking Forward to MOAR!


P.S. - Alright who the hell is G1 Jericho?

Sword 2 6.7 Release Trailer

Hey Guys, made a release trailer for 6.7 since we never got one. This one shows some of the new content from the 6.7 patch released a few weeks ago for sword 2. Turn the sound up and Enjoy!

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