Land of the Dead Raid Video Preview

Hi guys! BlackWhisper here again with another HD release! We were bored so for lulz my clan headed to LoD to check out the bosses here and they are epic. I am tired of all my other friends telling me their games have better stuff so I made this vid to show everyone that we have some cool raids too. Although this raid is really, really difficult I honestly don't know what the game designers were thinking.

Turn the Sound on!!!!

New Bash!

The Great thing about American FootballGraphical Assets

Sea World is for.....

Why is that?

Need these.

For short.

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G1...This is what we think when maps don't spawn mobs

Hmm... enticing offer

Well you asked.....

Awww isn't he cute?

ahhhh Japanese games...

Kefa is a generous cook

If Ringwood had an awesome set up
If I had a twitter

Koreans...are a sick sick people

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

A Pol

I'm not a bad person I SWEAR!

Trade you something goood!

I am legend.....wait for it......dary!

yea...these jokes never get old

G1 oh how you win...

People with funny family names

Funny man.

dammnit....lion is so racist.
Sent to me from Kefaaaaaa
Don't drink while reading.

And from my Other Source.....

G1 you win so much.

dammn WC!


Uber Only

So None of These are Mine....but take a look whats out when you wanna know where all the luck went....ere it is!

End of an Era

This post is in remembrance of an epic player who is temporarily(or I'll be angry) leaving the game for a while

Here We remember |Justice|

I am also going to start a notable players of Orpesia both to honor these players commitment to the game AND to kind of keep a memory of the people who have change our new world.

Notable Characters!
DavidBlaine [Male-Ele]- Justice is probably the only person I know who runs with a male ele he called DavidBlaine

Notable Teams!
|Justice| most familiar team was imo Fig/Sco/Ele
He also was known to do musk/musk/sco
Finally, his most recent trademark was caly/caly/sco

Quick Bio!
|Justice| has been the calm collected leader of ShakeTheHeavens ever since I started playing this game. Even when I was not part of ShakeTheHeavens he responded to pms about raids and would let me tag along in PY back when people use to go! He has always been known for his diplomacy and sticking to the rules. He has absolutely never advocated or supported any of the known bugs. He is notorious for pretty much having never bought gold, one of those examples that you can be pretty good and respected without having to bleed $$ for it. He's absolutely hilarious and is great to chat with, you can probably tell that from all the bash sections! He has led STH through some rough times and though the great times and we will always remember him as one of the rock solid foundations of the Orpesia community.

My History with |Justice|!
I first started pming |Justice| back when I was part of Shineska I remember distintly asking him about how Secret Tower worked, because, believe it or not back in the day that was a tough raid for me. He always responded and gave me tips. Also back when Aegis and others us to go to Poison Yard |Justice| would always let me squad. When Shineska broke down he took me and a few others into STH! Since then he has lead me to many new raids. He greatly supported me when I was making videos.

Sword 2 Cycle of Life
It is honestly amazing that people can play one game for soooooo long. If you think about it there are very few console games that you could play for as long as most people have played sword. I think it is only natural for people to want to take a break. I hope that is what this is for |Justice| and that he will return one day.

We Wish you the Best Jman!!
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