Orpesia KoC Rule of Thumb!

Hmmm..... So I was at a KOC today.....incredible I know since I am always afk now. And the Other dude didn't seem to know what rules are in place for KoC.

1. Whoever Gets there first and is already attacking it has the KoC - This means if some dude is already into KoC's health by the time you get belongs to that dude.
2. If there is a family there...but he is doing absolutely no damage, there is No Holding KoC for another player to show up so It becomes FFA.
3. If two players get to A KOC at the same time it is FFA.

Common Misconceptions:
1. Some people believe the first person to hit it tags it. This is not true UNLESS one player was there in advance...see rule 1 because often it is too difficult to determine who actually hit first if both players arrive at the same time.

1. You FC For KoCs BUT ONLY if you are both there when window starts. Otherwise it belongs to whoever is there attacking it.....i.e. the dude who already is damaging cant just run in and ask for FC after.
2. If you are afk on the mound it is FFA
3. You cannot hold for another player
4. If at any point a player that didn't win FC touches it with intent to kill it becomes FFA

These rules are in place by that pretty much means those are the rules lol....

Moar Bash!

Okay Guys new BASH!
And one is emailing me funny quotes! wtf......sigh.....

Orpesia only funny XD

I hate it when you put stuff in the wrong chat.

This guy is epic


Racism is still funny

Yup. It's true.....

Moar constellations!


Oh no! Someone is on to Las!

Doubles Exist and College gets you......


Super Smash Bros is still Relevant!

I have often wondered this myself.

G1 Doesnt censor clan names XD

You have the ring?

Gamers First Contest: Design a Costume


In case you have not heard G1 is having a contest to design a costume see the following website:

To post a picture on the forum you need to upload the picture somewhere, if you need me to upload it here send an email to me as see in the "About Me" section in the corner.

Here is a costume design from DarkBones of ShaketheHeavens! Take a Peak! It is pretty epic XD

I hope you are all enjoying the 50% buff! I know I am....

Master Lisa!

Finally! I have mastered Lisa......
Also opened a couple of the new boxes....nothing really good...but oh well.....we all knew from the beginning...

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