Expert Helena!

Yay, so I used 5 Veteran Experience Cards and like 50 150k Experience cards and finished off Helena Today. My fifth expert =)

Starting a SOTNWbash

Similar to and I think I'll start posting something similar here!

And first up is:

The Rez and Detect is a Lie!

Yea, This might be really old news to some, but you cannot reset characters to auto attacking by casting Detect. I don't know where this rumor started.

Return of the AA

Alright so I am back in Ancient Area Skeleton Dungeon. Surprisingly with a buff pet, 10% speed gloves, Halloween back Costume, and 5% apatite in the LoE, Helena can solo! The clover buff that appears every so often is nice too! The primary benefit of soloing is that no one drags you when you are leveling which commonly a huge problem since memorials were added. Here is a quick pic!

In other news Phalanx is probably mad as hell. LionofGenesis is completely rocking out in LG. I don't know what magic powers he has imbued into his characters but he managed to snag a ELB for musk, yay clan!

Spring Fever Festival

Okay so with yesterdays maint comes the Spring Fever Festival:
Notes from the Forums:
"We have a visitor in Port of Coimbra. Spring Maiden is located near the Costume Collection Chest in PoC.

Find the Clover that monsters drop and make a Spring broad in-game by clicking on the clover. After making the broad, you can collect 2 soul crystals from the Spring Maiden as a reward.

Only 2 Soul Crystals per Family per day.

30% Bonus EXP - Power to the people

Clicking on the Clover to broad will also activate 30% Bonus EXP.

The first clover of the day will the 30% EXP boost for 30 minutes. The second broad onwards will activate the 30% EXP boost for 10 minutes. 30 minutes EXP boost can be regained by making a broad in-game using the clover the next day.


- Changing zones will deactivate the Bonus EXP.
- Players will have to have microphone item in the inventory.
- The spawned clover will remain for 10 minutes. Any other player who clicks on the clover will also activate the Bonus EXP and the reward system.

Surprise AM Spring Event -

The AMs will set surprise spring events at random. Once the surprise event is activated, the top 10 players who broads using the clover and talks to the Spring Maiden will receive special prizes such as Andre Boxes and Ring Boxes.

Note: The special rewards can be collected by a Family only ONCE during the event.

Attendance Bonus - Strength Potions

Participate in the event for 15 days or more and receive Strength Potions when the event ends"

Here is a Picture of One for Reference!

Fall of Aegis?

It seems that without Roley and ShojoBeat a united front between the rest of the stronger clans is enough to suppress the new Aegis. In this week's CW Phalanx was only able to seize control of three colonies in the end. It should also be noted that Angie as actually just that awesome at breaking colonies....I must train another. The major players against Phalanx were STH, Core, Pedobear, and Ethereal.

Fate and Hellena

It is fate I have Hellena, she won't go away! I have noticed a trend where if I try to get rid of her....Something happens that makes me want to keep her! Examples thus far:
1) Bracelet of the Great Soul
2) ELV

and finally, I claimed that unless the new Clivia Sprite costume dropped from the new boxes I was dropping her. My only box.... it dropped the Costume! If she gets 3 dr on the armor I may have to keep her forever.

In other news, Phalanx completely took over the map before the "Sound of the Golden Trumpet" occurred. Turns out all the build up was just that the colonies were reset. Added to the feso shot were the three new stances. I managed to get the new one for Hellena.

Also Othrys has reformed under a new name! Not confirmed yet but it is said to be Ethereal.

Market Update:
Feso 1:70-75
MPs 1.8-2m
EBs 3.1-3.9m back down to practically nothing

Alliance and Aegis 2.0

For any of you that have not heard, Aegis is back without ShojoBeat and Roley. They return under the name Phalanx. This clan war they showed up to wipe Othrys off the map. Currently STH, Core, and Othrys are in an alliance to prevent total takeover. This weekend Othrys lost all their colonies, despite the best efforts of Othrys and most of STH. Core lost one and STH lost 2 but gained Scorching when with less than 30 seconds to go the colony was broken. Honestly, the result was unexpected because there was so little time the rotating blades and everything where out, so when someone Finally showed up from Othrys, even though we stopped dpsing, the blades kept on going and we ended up taking scorching right before CW ended.

May the show Continue.

So I have been running the circus more and more frequently. One new thing to note are the bugs that can occur while in the circus.
  1. You can glitch and accidentally kill a boss the first time you encounter it. This, however, does not glitch the run because even though you will not see the text saying they must retreat it still counts.
  2. While pulling the bosses at the end, you can get Prost and Mario to glitch and remain stationary, not attacking while you beat them down.
Another interesting fact. If you all enter the final room together you will only fight the bosses. It is only when you leave that the honors spawn.

Anyway, I failed a FI hunt today...No one got it T_T

Also from an economic standpoint, when you get should be selling them. Right now there is a high demand for them so Red and Blue tickets are approaching prices of 200-250m. Green 70-100m. Sell them NOW. Do not craft them. Craft them later when no one cares.

Economy Update:

lvl 100 chips: 8-9m
Vet chips: 11-14m (Fallen from like 90m)
MP: 1.7-2.4m
EB: 2.1-2.5m

Also I believe there will be an influx of lvl 100 weapons. The circus is dropping a ton of them so they will decrease greatly in price currently they go from 25-35m. Expect the price to drop some. Also be on the lookout for some +6 armor. People are trying to break the items for chips!
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