MythBusters! Arsene and ESA

Well, Surprise surprise. Here I am to gladly inform you all tonight that it is TRUE. ARSENE DROPS ESA. I honestly never believed it until it happened. Here is the screenshot:
I don't know if G1 upped the drop rate or if tonight was just a really lucky night, but this was awesome. I didn't win FC but wow, it makes me happy to know that that really is a drop from Arsene. Just thought I would let you all know =)

Err and Happy New Year Tooooo!

Also... Don't Let the Boxes fool you....the chances for DHR/Draconic are terrrible.

Merry Christmas

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

shame we never got an event for it....but hey.... there is always that Christmas in July movement going around =P

Here is some members of the Blackwhisper family dressed up in Santa Gear with a not so Santa Nunez.

Have a wonderful holiday everyone!

Bash Floooood!

Okay Guys Here is the new set of bash updates! And yea....There are an abundance related to the recent server stability.

Burrr...Its cold:
Not a Bash, but I saw this running through sewers....

Where can you be when Reb 1 and 2 are down?

Soho the Maoster.

Mao smell

What is a Miracle?

I wish real life had Pokemon Options

Good Point

Mao is evil.

Maint Announcement

What is maint like?

Not a Bash but I thought this was hilarious, from the forums.

Dammn. Hate it when that happens

All you need is 5 min....


Yo Dawg, So I heard you liked Bellem's Boxes so we put a bellem's box in your bellem's box so you can bellem's box while you bellem's box.

Justice is the wise. Mao finds peace.

And Finally, Someone sent me some of their images, This is from TheHidden

Happy Holidays people and pray we finally get maint and some new boxes or something....sigh

Remember! to contribute send an email to Blackwhisper.sword2(a)!

Cannot See Server List!

Due to the ridiculous amount of emails/comments that have been flooding my inbox I am posting this for all new players who are having trouble getting into the game. This post is copied from the G1 Forums.

We are aware of the issue where users who has downloaded new clients are unable to see the server list. While IT is working on it, please follow the instructions below for a quick fix.

File name: serverlist_recent.xml
Click here to download

Download this file from the provided location and replace the existing file that you have in your client. The file should be placed inside the folder named "release".

- Download serverlist_recent.xml
- Open "Sword 2" folder
- Open "release' folder
- Copy and paste the file in the folder
- Relaunch the client

I hope it works for you guys....if it doesn't....well unfortunately gamersfirst isn't really putting gamers first then....Or at least they aren't very good at it,

Expert Lisa and Chat Fail!

Today I experted Lisa! I promptly traded in 1 symbol of Capricorn and 6 greatstones for the Arnis Stance Book.

In addition, there is a whole new level of failure that has reared its ugly head. That being that chat seems to be broken. I can only talk in ALL. Broads, Whispers, Clan and Squad chat do not appear to me. I hope that Illier and Bristia are not also experiencing this problem. Not much of a maint when new things are breaking.

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